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  • The Farmer’s Office

  • Farm Accounting & Payroll Software

    Farm Accounting & Payroll Software

    The Farmer’s Office from Datatech, is an easy to use Windows based farm cost accounting and payroll software solution that is meeting the ever-changing requirements of agribusiness across America. You get powerful ag cost accounting, payroll, invoicing, inventory and bookkeeping management features to improve your profitability. We complement these accounting software features with timely email and toll-free telephone support, accounting program...

  • Ag Cost Accounting Software

    Ag Cost Accounting Software

    The purpose of the cost accounting system is to provide you with information to assist in making management decisions for your farm.  This includes information on yields, expenses, income, and profitability.  (Some accounting systems use the term “enterprise accounting” for this.)  The crop cost accounting system is updated through the one time entry of information on payroll checks, vendor checks, deposits and...

  • Crop Budgeting Software

    Crop Budgeting Software

    The budgeting capabilities of The Farmer’s Office allow you to easily create, modify and use budgets for each individual cost center you have set up. The budgets can be useful in monitoring actual expenses and for presentation to lenders. The budgeting capabilities of The Farmer’s Office include:

  • Ag Payroll Software

    Ag Payroll Software

    Datatech’s Ag Payroll system is designed from the ground up to handle the demanding requirements of a high volume agricultural payroll.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Accounts Payable Software

    Accounts Payable Software

    Easy to use accounts payable Checkbook Register window for writing vendor checks, entering deposits, transfers, voided checks or miscellaneous transactions to your checking accounts. Your current (and running) bank balance is always displayed for your reference.

  • WinChem Software

    WinChem Software

    WinChem makes pesticide reporting for California easy and eliminates the need to manually fill out forms. Some of our customers have told us that reports that used to take hours to complete now take only minutes! In addition, many packers and processors want their growers to provide lists of chemicals used on crops.  WinChem 2009 makes this easy to do as well, since all of your pesticide application information has already been entered. 

  • Hay Broker Office Core Accounting Software

    Hay Broker Office Core Accounting Software

    The Hay Broker's Office combines our core accounting system with a weight certificate database designed to track each load of hay that is bought and sold.  The weight certificate is the key to the whole system.  By entering the weight certificate details one time, the software can keep track of who needs to be paid and who needs to be billed for each load