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  • Demtec Potting Machines

  • Smart - Mobile Potting Machines

    Smart - Mobile Potting Machines

    The SMART is a compact mobile machine that is easily adjustable. It has all the same advantages as a larger machine: high processing speed up to 4,500 pots/hour, easily adjustable pot dispenser and a powerful drilling device. The soil supply system is automatically dosed so the soil is not unnecessarily resupplied. The pot size can be changed in a few seconds. The machine is very popular with growers who pot in a propagation house and often put the...

  • Demtec - Model Evo² - Potting Machines

    Demtec - Model Evo² - Potting Machines

    The Evo² is the standard machine for everyone working with pots from 6 up to 27 cm.  The machine is extremely easily adjustable and is equipped with a full-automatic soil dosing system. The wide potting ring offers enough room for pots up to 27 cm. For the tree nursery the machine has a soil hatch that releases substrate on a rotating middle disc. A pouring edge can be made, which is ideal for mulching with, for instance,...

  • Demtec - Model 3016 - Potting Machines

    Demtec - Model 3016 - Potting Machines

    The 3016 fills both small pot sizes at high speed and larger pots (up to 35 cm) by means of a 1 on 2 adjustment.  The machine is standard equipped with a powerful and speed-controlled drill setting.  Big favourite of bed plant growers because this machine also easily processes flower baskets, and of tree nurseries where also larger pot sizes (besides 2l and 3l pots) can be processed.  The machine however remains mobile, it has pneumatic...

  • Demtec - Model 4016 - Potting Machines

    Demtec - Model 4016 - Potting Machines

    The 4016 is large enough for heavy filling.  It can process pots up to 42 cm and drills plant holes up to 23 cm.  With the machine, bare roots can easily be potted.  The pot ring is voluntarily kept low to enable ergonomic potting.  Thanks to the central adjustment of the potting ring it is not difficult to switch to a different  pot size.   The pot dispenser with its powerful pushing movement easily processes heavy...

  • Demtec - Model 5016 - Potting Machines

    Demtec - Model 5016 - Potting Machines

    There is potting work that must be done with great care: trees or large plants must be taken out of the ground and be put in containers, or large plants must be transferred from one container to another.  One often seems to think that this can only be done by hand.  Therefore, demtec has developed a slow-turning machine that turns this heavy potting work into an automated activity. The standstill time of the machine is infinitely variable so...

  • Demtec Durby - Potting Machines

    Demtec Durby - Potting Machines

    Potting assistance for those who need to pot limited amounts: to pot a bare root or to fill a plant trough in a garden centre, the durby is an appreciated tool.  The machine has a soil container of 1,100 liter which can be enlarged up to 1,600 liter.  The durby is equipped with a vibrating system that can raise the soil if required (when potting Christmas trees for instance).  Moreover, all spilled soil is carefully recovered. This...

  • Demtec Denby - Potting Machines

    Demtec Denby - Potting Machines

    The denby has a double function: on the one hand it helps you with the potting in pots, troughs and containers which cannot be processed with your current machinery.  The large soil container of 6 m³ gives the machine a large autonomy.  On the other, it functions perfectly as a soil supplying vehicle when put along the potting machine or tray filler. The perfect solution for growers who, besides the usual pots, have other potting work...