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  • Architectural

  • Hemispherical Dome Roofs

    Hemispherical Dome Roofs

    Hemispherical Domes have been called 'the kings of all roofs,' and they now cover some of the world's most important buildings. Domes are curved structures that have no angles or corners and enclose an enormous amount of space without using any supporting columns. Design Domes are weather-resistant, not watertight. For watertight applications, an underlying roof must be included in the design. The possibilities for design and creativity are endless...

  • DeMuth - Copper Roofs

    DeMuth - Copper Roofs

    DeMuth has been manufacturing hemispheric dome roofs since 1946. Traditionally, these roofs were used on tower silos. The unique shape of this roof caught the interest of many architects and in 1979 we started manufacturing a premium hemispherical dome roof for a variety of applications such as churches, day care centers, commuter transit stations, recreational theme parks, and private homes, among others. The unique feature of DeMuth’s...

  • Industrial Ladders

  • Ladder Rungs and Uprights

    Ladder Rungs and Uprights

    Rungs: The rungs are galvanized 1' diameter welded tubing, with a knurled surface to provide non-slip footing. The welded construction resists flexing. The rungs pass through both sides of the Box Beam Upright and are locked into position with DeMuth's Unique 180 Degree Key-Hole Flange which eliminates rotation and any chance of the rung slipping out.

  • Stand-Off Brackets

    Stand-Off Brackets

    The specially designed Stand-Off Brackets can be mounted at any position along the box beam uprights for increased flexibility of installation. Brackets are fastened with a special locking device and a 3/8' plated bolt - NO DRILLING IS REQUIRED. The Stand-Off Bracket assembly assures the correct distance of 7' from wall surfaces to the center line of the rungs.

  • Farmstead Automation

  • DeMuth - Belt Feeders

    DeMuth - Belt Feeders

    The DeMuth Belt Feeder offers solid construction with practical design for years of dependable, trouble-free service. Our unique cable-driven plow allows it to automatically pivot from side to side or divert feed to either side. Carriage slides have low friction and smooth operation. Steel drive cable avoids slippage and guarantees long life. Spring loaded tension unit maintains proper tension on the drive cable.

  • Single Chain Conveyors

    Single Chain Conveyors

    DeMuth's Single Chain Conveyors are manufactured with the highest quality, heavy-duty construction to ensure years of dependable service. Conveyors are all-bolted (not riveted), which means additional sections can be added or removed quickly and easily.

  • Double Chain Conveyors

    Double Chain Conveyors

    DeMuth's Double Chain Conveyor is a ruggedly constructed piece of equipment designed especially for high capacity applications.

  • Center Loading Express Feeders

    Center Loading Express Feeders

    The simple, effective DeMuth design keeps maintenance at a minimum – fewer moving parts mean lower maintenance costs. Fast, quiet, high-volume feeding with no feed separation!

  • DeMuth - Roller Mills

    DeMuth - Roller Mills

    DeMuth Roller Mills are designed and manufactured from the inside out to provide years of reliable, consistent operation. The rolls are CNC machine cut from alloy steel, then hardened by heat treating to 53-60 Rockwell C. This process ensures an accurate and consistent depth of teeth, along with extremely precise pitch spacing. Rolls are balanced to reduce vibration and to prevent premature wear of bearings and roller shaft components.

  • Feed Storage

  • Dome Roofs

    Dome Roofs

    Strong, durable weather-tight roofs for all circular structures. can fit any diameter, from 10' to 36'. Made withe a clear polyester over galvalumeTM coated steel, maintenance free for decades. Material thickness specifications: 0.025 minimum. Poly roof cap provides good daytime light inside the structure. Ribs are 1' high so that water runs off freely.