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  • Alpaca Chute & Llama Chute

    Alpaca Chute & Llama Chute

    Our alpaca chutes and llama chutes are extremely functional and well built chutes that are very safe for the alpaca or llama and breeder alike. There are many cheaper chutes available but the features of this chute are well worth the investment. Our alpaca chute or llama chute allows you to work on your animal quickly and effectively. The hinged doors allow easy access to your animal while keeping you and your animal as safe as possible. Quick release...

  • Global Pocket Reader

    Global Pocket Reader

    The PocketReader series offers two durable and versatile radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader models that are ideal for companion animal veterinary practices, pet rescue shelters and low-volume manual scanning operations. Additionally, they can serve as effective back-ups for large automated systems. Both PocketReaders also have the added value ability to scan Bio-Thermo® technology enabled microchips to provide body temperature readings...