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  • Baby Feeder

    Baby Feeder

    This baby Feeder is specially made for chicks to facilitate chicks to eat with ease. The Grill also prevents feed wastage. It reduces feed wastage and increases effective feed conversion. It reduces labour and saves time.

  • Model 1500 - Infraconic Gas Brooder

    Model 1500 - Infraconic Gas Brooder

    In a poultry farm chicks require 85°F-90°F or 30°C-32°C temperature. Using Traditional methods like bulb or coal, insufficient and uneven heat was generated which resulted in mortality and poor growth. To eliminate these problems DHUMAL INDUSTRIES proudly presents Gas brooder imported from KROMSCHROEDER - SPAIN. The specialty of this brooder is that it has two metal surfaces, formed by two concentric cones i.e. 2 heaters in one. Small...