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  • Knapsack Sprayers

  • Tigra - Sprayers

    Tigra - Sprayers

    Professional knapsack sprayer, completely hermetic and featuring an ergonomic shape. It has a liquid agitator and is guaranteed for 3 years and 500,000 pumpings.

  • Dusters

  • Twister - Duster

    Twister - Duster

    Dusters Complementary range of products for specific uses, ideal for spreading dust.

  • Pressure Sprayers

  • Gamma - Carry - Pressure Accumulation Pumps

    Gamma - Carry - Pressure Accumulation Pumps

    Pressure accumulation pumps offering excellent technical characteristics. The different capacities and the wide range of accessories make them ideal for many uses: they are indispensable for gardens, vegetable gardens, orchard and greenhouses.

  • Cloe - Sprayer

    Cloe - Sprayer

    Cloe is a professional sprayer used in agriculture for treating vines and orchards and in building for spraying lime on walls.