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  • Sampler Probes and Bin Temperature

  • Canola Equipment

  • Test Weight Equipment, Pans, Funnels

  • Model ABS - Regulation Cox Funnel

    Model ABS - Regulation Cox Funnel

    ABS Regulation Cox Funnel - Placed ontop of our .5 L measure. Standardizes the fill of the .5 L measure each and every time. Promotes more accurate and consistent test weight determination. Designed to meet government agency specifications with a 3.81cm drop from an opening of 4.41cm.

  • Sieves

  • Corn Sieve set

    Corn Sieve set

    Consists of 12/64 round hole, 14/64 round hole and bottom pan, injection molded ABS frame system. Easily determine dockage in wet or dry Corn.