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  • Dinaferm Advanced Yeast Cell Wall Extract Fermentation Technology

    Dinaferm Advanced Yeast Cell Wall Extract Fermentation Technology

    Dinaferm provides a full potency brewers yeast from a specially selected strain of S. cerevisiae for all feed and pet food applications in an economical, palatable and free-flowing form. Dinaferm is made by a unique process that dries the yeast at temperatures one-half or less than spray dried yeast. This exclusive process is made possible by the addition to the yeast of a low-fiber fraction brewer's grain carrier, and assures full nutrient availability...

  • Ovum Plus

    Ovum Plus

    Every egg producer sooner or later may experience a shell quality problem. Thin, weak, rough, and poor textured shells cause a great economic loss. Shell quality problems usually occur as the hen becomes older. It is thought that older hens do not absorb the nutrients needed for shell formation as well as younger hens. Hence, older hens respond to supplemental feeding of nutrients to improve shell quality. OVUM - PLUS can be mixed in the feed to help...

  • Dinasil


    Dinasil is a product that is formulated to bind toxins produced by molds (mycotoxins) in such a way that it will not be absorbed by the animal.

  • Dinazyme B/W Dry

    Dinazyme B/W Dry

    Dinazyme B/W Dry is a powder acid-neutral xylanase/b-glucanase/pectinase/cellulase product from an advanced non-GMO non-pathogenic strain of Trichoderma longibrachiatum (formerly T. reesei) producing enzymes Generally Recognized As Safe for food applications (FDA Ruling Docket No. 79G-0372), also on the accepted list of AAFCO (see Official Publication, 1999, pp. 208-209, and 2000, p. 226) and Canadian list of approved protein...