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  • Model RSC-2 - Scale Systems

    Model RSC-2 - Scale Systems

    The RSC-2 Displays and stores daily data collection of average weight, daily gain, standard deviation and CV. There are up to two weighing platforms and the RSC-2 can be used for broilers, breeders and turkeys. PC Communication Package is included.

  • Model RBU-5 - Backup Systems

    Model RBU-5 - Backup Systems

    The RBU-5 is a 5 stage backup system functioning in two distinct capacities. In the event of general failure of the controller the RBU-5 will operate according to the settings for the current temperature. Another roll of the RBU-5 is monitoring the temperature readings using thermostats. If the temperature will rise/fall above/below the thermostat settings, the backup system will take control and use Fans/Heaters to stabilize the house.