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  • TarPuller - Trailer

    TarPuller - Trailer

    Another time and labor saving attachment from DPM! The DPM TarPuller is the perfect partner for a Nursery Jaws after loading a truck. Configured to fit a Nursery Jaws or pallet forks, the TarPuller allows you to tarp a truck or trailer in minimal time and with minimal risk to your employees and tree stock. Built with a telescoping boom, the TarPuller can be easily transported to tarp trucks in any location. Now, you can pull tarps and get your...

  • Dutchman - Tree Spade

    Dutchman - Tree Spade

    In the early 1980's, Dutchmaster commenced the design, development, and manufacturing of the 'Dutchman's Tree Spade . Continual design upgrades over the past two decades have resulted in a number of models that can deal with trees of all calipers while maintaining their reputation for efficiency and dependability. This included a total re-design of all their models in the early 90's, in an effort to better serve the nursery/landscaping...

  • Dutchman - Tree Tyer

    Dutchman - Tree Tyer

    Dutchman's Tree Spade's on-going commitment to building quality nursery machinery continues with the introduction of our new 'Tree Tyer'. The focus on building a quality tyer meant that a top ring was needed to funnel the branches accordingly. It also called for a hydraulic gate system and an inverted steel ring. Inverting a steel ring allowed for a smoother rotation with less chance of the ring coming into contact with branches. A smaller ring insert...

  • McMillen - Augers

    McMillen - Augers

    For skid-steer loaders, compact tractors, mini compact loaders, excavators, mini excavators, tractor loader backhoes and telehandlers.

  • DPM - Plantform for Multi-Use Tool

    DPM - Plantform for Multi-Use Tool

    DPM, Inc. does it again! The PlantForm by DPM is another multiple use tool that your business can't live without. A large 7' x 5' work platform that can be used with skid loaders or forklifts, the PlantForm will move a large amount of material in a short amount of time. Literally a portable loading dock, the PlantForm can move and place containerized material and smaller B&B. The PlantForm makes loading or unloading a truck a snap.

  • DPM - Nursery Jaws-Next Generation

    DPM - Nursery Jaws-Next Generation

    The Next Generation Nursery Jaws are one of the newest additions to the Nursery Jaws family of material handling attachments. Next Generation Nursery Jaws has impressive capacity with heavy duty construction for long life. The Next Generation Nursery Jaws incorporates the versatility of the Nursery Jaws 2's method of handling materials but with a greater capacity, greater range of motion and with virtually no maintenance! From large to small, now you...

  • Pallet Paws

    Pallet Paws

    Forks lay flat to be used as regular pallet forks, but are hinged in the back and rotate to the perfect angle as you grasp any kind of product. Heavy-duty double cylinder action moves both forks at the same time inward and outward. Handle up to 60' B&B, up to 48' boxes, 95 gallon plastic containers, grow bags up to 65 gallons and boulders up to 5000 pounds. They can even handle a pallet of retaining wall blocks! Perfect for landscape distribution...

  • Nursery Jaws Hybrid

    Nursery Jaws Hybrid

    The Nursery Jaws Hybrid features a manually adjustable pivot point that allows you to handle a variety of material. The Nursery Jaws Hybrid incorporates the rugged simplicity of the Nursery Jaws 1 with the increased versatility of the Nursery Jaws 2 into one attachment. This new design combines greater carrying capacity with lighter weight. The Nursery Jaws Hybrid is one durable and versatile partner for your business.