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  • Light Commercial Mowers

  • Model Stryker Stand-On series - Light Commercial Mower

    Model Stryker Stand-On series - Light Commercial Mower

    Dixie Chopper is proud to introduce the Stryker Stand-On series into the commercial line-up. The Stryker is primarily composed of 7-gauge steel and 14-gauge stainless steel, making the Stryker built like a tank and ready for heavy-duty commercial mowing.

  • Industrial Mowers

  • Model XCaliber - Industrial Mower

    Model XCaliber - Industrial Mower

    Commercial customers across the U.S. have come to depend on the XCaliber for its legendary performance. Dixie Chopper's flagship mower features: Pure Power - Models powered with Kawasaki® FX, Vanguard®, or a fuel efficient Kohler® EFI. New 60' X2 Wind Tunnel Deck - The industry's best cutting deck design is now available in a popular 60' deck width and retains the X2’s Wind Tunnel deck and industry leading 2 inch blade overlap....