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  • Spreader


    With years of research and development the most durable and simple is conceived for utilisation for the market. With two series available: The Bolted Pannel Galvanised Serie, 20 years warranty, developed to resist for a long time to the abrasive side of the manure. The Bolted Pannel Aluminium Serie, 20 years warranty, equiped with a manure resistant aluminum grade and designed to reduce to maximum the spreader weight.Fuel economy,...

  • Nurse & Truck Mounts

    Nurse & Truck Mounts

     Factory installation of our tanks on your truck or trailer is available. Your choice, we offer a hot dipped galvanized ( 20 yr. warranty ) or painted ( 10 yr. warranty ) bolted pannel tank.

  • Spread Bars

    Spread Bars

    The DM low level spread bar was designed with simplicity and durability in mind for use in liquid pork or cow manure. Available in galvanized or painted, an ease for cleaning. For safety, all low level spread bar wings are equipped with a breakaway bolt action hinge. A spread pattern of up to 35 ft. can be attained with optional adaptability of a plitter bar to side dress corn.

  • Transfer Pump

    Transfer Pump

    Here is the DM tranfert pump. Powered by an electric motor and available from 6 to 12 feet. Completely galvanised, it will perform its task for several years without any hassles. The electric motor ( 5hp - 7.5hp) transmit the rotation to the impeller at the bottom of the pump with 2 straps and a steel shaft.

  • Lagoon Pump

    Lagoon Pump

    Here is the new DM manure pump, the most efficient on the market. Reduce your mixing time with less horsepower with the new 2 mixing screw (patented). The pump is designed to run with a tractor from 130hp to 300hp, try it and you will see, you'll impress everyone who will see you work. A two and four wheel model exist, the latter used as a wall-walker in lagoons up to 16ft. deep. Available from 32 to 52 feet you can equip the pump with a hydraulic...