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  • DM - Model Series Galva & Painta - Spreader

    DM - Model Series Galva & Painta - Spreader

    With years of research and development the most durable and simple is conceived for utilisation for the market. With two series available: The Bolted Pannel Galvanised Serie, 20 years warranty, developed to resist for a long time to the abrasive side of the manure. The Bolted Pannel Aluminium Serie, 20 years warranty, equiped with a manure resistant aluminum grade and designed to reduce to maximum the spreader weight. Fuel economy, Compaction reduced...

  • DM - Dump Box

    DM - Dump Box

    The DM dump box is independantly installed on our trailer chassis. It can be used for transportating grain, dirt, sillage, snow, etc. Engineered for high capacity and volume and combined with our trailer allows a significant reduction in soil compaction.

  • DM - Nurse & Truck Mounts

    DM - Nurse & Truck Mounts

     Factory installation of our tanks on your truck or trailer is available. Your choice, we offer a hot dipped galvanized ( 20 yr. warranty ) or painted ( 10 yr. warranty ) bolted pannel tank.

  • DM - Low Level Spread Bars

    DM - Low Level Spread Bars

    The DM low level spread bar was designed with simplicity and durability in mind for use in liquid pork or cow manure. Available in galvanized or painted, an ease for cleaning. For safety, all low level spread bar wings are equipped with a breakaway bolt action hinge. A spread pattern of up to 35 ft. can be attained with optional adaptability of a plitter bar to side dress corn.

  • DM - Model 3-PTH - Pump

    DM - Model 3-PTH - Pump

    DM Machinery Inc, has developed  the new DM 3-pth pump, to its line up. Light weight, flexible and pivoting, this new DM pump has gone one step over and beyond in the agitation and loading of liquid or semi-liquid manure ( hog, cow and municipal waste...etc.) This pump will out perform all other makes in the market.

  • DM - Trailer Chassis

    DM - Trailer Chassis

    The DM trailer chassis was designed to meet the extreme work loads of the end user in mind. This multi-functional chassis is currently used under our liquid manure spreader tank or can be used for other applications.

  • DM - Multi-Till Incorporator

    DM - Multi-Till Incorporator

    The multi-till incorporator utilizes a star shaped tine to improve soil aeration. tilth while allowing the infiltration of liquid manure, all in a one pass operation. Relied of soil compaction by the spreader or plow pan created by years of horizontal tillage makes this unit a must. Vertical tillage allows new lif into soil with better water perculation through out your soil profile..