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  • Products for Porkers- Feeders

  • Model Mini 3-10 kg - Feeders for Piglets

    Model Mini 3-10 kg - Feeders for Piglets

    Mini 3 is the product ensuring that piglets are quickly and efficiently accustomed to dry feed. This feeder ensures easy access to the feed for all piglets, also the weak ones of the heard. The adjustable front plate ensures the optimal amount of feed, and the waste is reduced to a minimum. By means of a simple locking device the product is fixed without any use of tools, and it can be placed in the farrowing pen...

  • Model 7-30 kg - Dry Feeders

    Model 7-30 kg - Dry Feeders

    Many pig breeders consider keeping water and feed separately the best solution. This type of feeder can be used for almost any kind of feed. Two versions are available: The FR-H and F-H feeders featuring a plastic trough, and the FR and F feeders featuring a stainless steel trough.

  • Products for Porkers

  • Pig Sort - Sorting Scale Systems

    Pig Sort - Sorting Scale Systems

    DOMINO Pig Sort sorting scale gives you complete control of pigs in large common pens. Pig Sort allows delivery of pigs based on correct weight and ensures optimal feeding. Pig Sort dramatically reduces labour and makes pig production more efficient, thus leaving more time for management.

  • Products for Porkers- Piglet Feeders

  • Starter - Troughs for Piglets

    Starter - Troughs for Piglets

    The Domino Starter trough is ideal for both softened feed, water and dry feed. It is made in 2 versions - in black PE plastics and in stainless steel. The plastic version has got a larger bottom area and is very suitable for dry feed. The stainless version has got a smaller bottim area which contributes to a quicker distribution of the feed in the crib. This is important when using less fluid feed. Starter trough can be fastened directly on...

  • Products for Cattle

  • Model F-H1 - Dry Feeders

    Model F-H1 - Dry Feeders

    The Domino line of calf feeders ensures easy access to feed and minimum feed waste. Ad lib feeding ensures a natural and calm environment in the pen and contributes to improved growth through optimal absorption of the feed. The design of the feeders ensures that the feed falls into the trough as the animal eats, thus preventing feed waste.

  • Model 05 H - Feeding Troughs for Calves

    Model 05 H - Feeding Troughs for Calves

    The Domino plastic troughs for calves are made of a strong 12 mm plastic plate and provided with galvanized channel sections on the edges for protection and stabilisation. Available in two variants with different edge heights. The high front and back edges of the troughs ensure minimum feed waste. Length upon request up to 3000 mm. A practical tilting fitting made of very strong materials keeps the trough in place and ensures easy cleaning.

  • Manure Removal Systems

    Manure Removal Systems

    Self-tightening wire-type cowshed and piggery cleaners for installation under slatted floors. Maintainable, reliable and easy to operate. The Domino wire-type cowshed and piggery cleaners are self-tigtening. This is because two drawing stations are always used as well as a combination of rope and wire. The rope is the flexible part and the wire is the stable part.