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  • Orchards & Vineyards

  • Model SN - 3-Point Tandem

    Model SN - 3-Point Tandem

    A super narrow tandem disk for narrow row vineyards, cane berries, or nursery stock. All tubular frame construction makes it the strongest and heaviest narrow tandem on the market.

  • General

  • Model ST - Spring Tooth Harrow

    Model ST - Spring Tooth Harrow

    Wedge design side frame extensions to prevent crop vines from catching frame, extensions are easy bolt-on mounting. Extensions provide versatility of a single implement to meet a growers needs when farming with numerous crop spacings. Ideal for vineyards and orchards or for general field tillage before or after primary tillage work. Reversible chisel points provide double wear life.

  • Model SC - 3- Point Field Cultivator

    Model SC - 3- Point Field Cultivator

    This 3-point field cultivator, the 'Shattertill', does exactly that, it shatters compacted soils, giving better penetration and distribution of irrigation water, stimulates crop root growth, loosens and aerates soil, controls weeds and mulches the soil. Shanks also vibrate sideways, shedding weeds and grass. Bolt on extensions are wedge shaped to prevent catching of low hanging branches or vines. Ideal for orchards and vineyards.

  • Open Field

  • Model OFN-OFM-OFW - Wheel-Controlled Offset

    Model OFN-OFM-OFW - Wheel-Controlled Offset

    Leveling linkage keeps disk level in all stages from disking to transport, shock cushioning protection by two compression springs, one bolt adjustment for hitch offset, crank leveling and drawbar height system controls, and easy to adjust gang angling.

  • Model OFX - Wheel-Controlled Offset Stubble

    Model OFX - Wheel-Controlled Offset Stubble

    A truly heavy duty stubble offset for high horsepower wheel and crawler tractors. Triple tube gang frames provide strength, durability, rigidity and weight for maximum blade penetration and long life. Ideal for complete chopping and burial of crop residue with one pass through the field. Leveling linkage keeps disk level in all stages from transport to field usage. Long tapered drawbar permits shorter turns behind dual wheel tractors. Gang angle...

  • Tandem

  • Model SXL - 3-Point Tandem

    Model SXL - 3-Point Tandem

    The reversible 3 point A frame hitch can be removed and installed on the rear of the machine, providing three different tillage operations, regular disking, reverse disking or flat furrowing and is done with no tools required. Simply remove and reinstall pins.

  • Model JTL - 3-Point Tandem

    Model JTL - 3-Point Tandem

    Simple adjustments of gang width or angle by relocating pins, fenders protect low hanging vines and fruit.