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  • Jatropha Selective Harvester

    Jatropha Selective Harvester

    One of the most promising crops for biodiesel is Jatropha. Dotan Technologies has developed a solution for the selective harvesting required since flowers, unripe and ripe fruits appear at the same time.

  • Citrus Trunk Shaker

    Citrus Trunk Shaker

    During the 1990's, Dotan Technologies' Citrus Trunk Shaker was operating in Florida to help citrus growers increase revenues. Since that time, we have invested resources into enhancing our mechanical harvesting solutions for a variety of crops. Today, the market is ripe for our Citrus Shaker to take on the citrus industry in areas such as Florida and Brazil. More than 90% of the citrus fruit in these countries is for juice production.

  • Model DT-10 - Harvesting Process

    Model DT-10 - Harvesting Process

    The following 3 movies describes the harvesting process using the Side Shaker DT-10  : Shaking , Collecting & loading , Unloading.With optimal condition (grove and staff) the harvesting rate can reach 1200  trees/day.