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  • Potato Harvesters

  • Model 973 - Potato Harvester

    Model 973 - Potato Harvester

    Double L 973 Harvester with Returnflow offers growers greater flexibility and efficiency in the field. With this patent pending technology, the 4-row 973 harvester eases truck changes by allowing the harvester to keep operating while another truck pulls under the harvester. As part of the Returnflow system, cleaning capacity is also greatly increased. Double L harvesters with Returnflow have a secondary chain that is 3 feet longer than most standard...

  • Model 953 and 957 - Potato Harvester

    Model 953 and 957 - Potato Harvester

    The Double L 953 and 957 Harvesters offer growers the ability they need to get their potatoes out of the field. With capacity that exceeds the competition, these harvesters can pick up 12 rows with unparalleled and industry leading harvesting capacity, enabling growers to get their potatoes out of the field. The 957 Harvester is seven inches narrower than the 953, complying with transport width restrictions.

  • Transport

  • Model 900 Series - Dual-Drive Truck Bed

    Model 900 Series - Dual-Drive Truck Bed

    The Double L 900 Series Truck Bed is a multi-purpose, self-unloading truck bed that meets all your harvest and handling needs. Whether it is hauling crops like potatoes, sugar beets, grain and onions out of the field or gravel to maintain farm roads the Double L truck bed will deliver with dependability and durability. Quality components are an integral part of all Double L products and the 900 Series Truck Bed is no exception. Auburn™...

  • Model 864  - Spud Buggy

    Model 864 - Spud Buggy

    The Double L 864 Spud Buggy is as versatile a piece of equipment as you'll find. Its smaller size makes it the perfect utility crop hauler for smaller acreages. Its ability to work in confined spaces makes it ideal for larger operations where access is a problem. The unit's single heavy-duty axle design makes it easy to turn and back up in tight places and allows easy towing at highway speeds.

  • Potato Conveyors

  • Model 900 Series  - Conveyor

    Model 900 Series - Conveyor

    The Double L 900 Series Conveyors are no-drop, straight connection conveyors with multiple width and lengths available to allow operators the most effective solution for their handling needs.

  • Model 9100 Series - Conveyor

    Model 9100 Series - Conveyor

    The Double L 9100 Series Conveyors are a trough style conveyor with multiple widths and lengths that allow operators to customize the capacity and design of their conveyor lines.

  • Other Products

  • Model 9500 Series  - Potato Planter

    Model 9500 Series - Potato Planter

    The Double L 9500 Series Planter improves in-field efficiency in a variety of ways. First, an industry-leading tank capacity means growers limit refill time and decrease stops per acre. Second, precision, gravity-fed planting units manufactured by Underhaug, have fewer moving parts which means less daily maintenance, yearly wear, and overall down time. Third, combine these benefits along with the option for the grower to configure their 2, 4, 6, or 8...

  • Model 951 - Windrower

    Model 951 - Windrower

    The Double L 951 Windrower provides growers with the ultimate in high capacity. The longer secondary chain allows for better soil removal and higher-speed harvesting. Combine the 951 Windrower with any Double L harvester to build your own high-capacity setup.

  • Potato Even Flow Tub

    Potato Even Flow Tub

    The Double L 960 and 968 Even Flow Tubs provide capacity and convenience growers demand from their equipment while protecting the potatoes from bruising. A large receiving hopper and the option to have dual stinger receivers makes the Even Flow Tub one of the most versatile on the market. The 960 comes standard with a 48″ in-feed to a 30-ton tub and a 42″ discharge. The 968 standard configuration is a 48″ in-feed to a 50 ton tub with...

  • Model 900 Series - Potato Collectors

    Model 900 Series - Potato Collectors

    The Double L 900 Series Collectors offer high capacity cleaning and handling solutions to meet the configuration and handling needs of the growers. Configuration options such as the hopper roll table, inline sizer, and a new fan blower system give growers greater cleaning ability while reducing the need for additional manual labor. The availability of electric variable frequency drives increases the ability of the operator to control the speed of...

Products by Mantis ULV Sprühgeräte GmbH

  • Weed Control- ULV Spraying Systems

  • MANKAR- Carry  - Handheld Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    MANKAR- Carry - Handheld Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    The hand-held MANKAR® models are well suited for deployment in areas of dense cultivation, areas where regular rows have not been planted, or anyplace where, due to surface properties, a high degree of flexibility is needed. Metering takes place by manual adjustment of the metering valve, depending on the herbicide being used. Herbicide travels by gravitational force from the tank to the nozzle via the valve. The nozzle is activated by the push of...

  • MANKAR - Model HQ 80 - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    MANKAR - Model HQ 80 - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    Das MANKAR-HQ 80 hat eine spezielle Rotationsdüse, die einen Sprühkegel mit 80 cm Durchmesser erzeugt. Die Düse ist seitlich drehbar. Dieses Gerät ist sehr gut geeignet für biologische Herbizide, die in größeren Mengen ausgebracht wer­den müssen, als dies mit der Segment-Rotationsdüse möglich ist. Es ist mit einem 10-Liter-Behälter aus­gestattet, der wie ein Rucksack getragen wird, sodass...

  • Mini-Mantra  - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    Mini-Mantra - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    The Mini-Mantra Plus handheld sprayer was one of the top-selling MANKAR ULV spraying systems until the MANKAR-HQ 45 has been introduced! The Mini-Mantra models are the predecessors of the MANKAR-HQ sprayers. Three different types have been sold

  • Mantra - Model 101994 - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    Mantra - Model 101994 - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    The Mantra is the largest portable unit with a spray width of 50 cm. It was developed especially for flexible deployment in Christmas tree nurseries and for forestry applications. Heavy branches can be lifted without a problem thanks to the reinforced spray hood attachment, so that even those areas underneath the trees are easily accessible. A carrying strap provides relief to the back and arms while working. Further areas of application include...

  • MANKAR - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    MANKAR - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    MANKAR-Roll – Wheelbarrow units for comfortable handling in row cultivations. Because the spray systems in the MANKAR-Roll group are pushed like wheelbarrows, they are very nicely suited to handling large areas of in-row cultivation, for example, as well as pathways and plazas with water-bound surfaces. Up-slope and down-slope gradients are no problem thanks to the low unit weights. In 2014 the new MANKAR-TWO and MANKAR-ONE models have been...

  • MANKAR - Model ONE - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    MANKAR - Model ONE - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    The new MANKAR-ONE models have a wheel-driven pump, so that metering is dependent on the distance travelled (path-dependent) and not on the speed of forward motion. In contrast to the previous MANKAR-Roll sprayers the new models have a one size slim wheel of 53 cm which is also suited to rough surfaces but nevertheless keeps the sprayer small and agile.

  • Harvest Protection

  • MAFEX - Potato/Fruit Sprayers

    MAFEX - Potato/Fruit Sprayers

    In general, the MAFEX unit can be used to apply any liquid. Its most common usage is the liquid treatment of potatoes with seed dressing agents, fungicides and anti-sprouting agents (e.g. Fungazil® 100 SL, GROSTOP® Basis, NeoNet® Start, MonCut®, Magnate® 100 SL and Cuprozin® Liquid), the treatment of citrus and other fruits with various types of wax and fungicides. Application of water for dust binding.

  • MAFEX  - Silage Sprayers

    MAFEX - Silage Sprayers

    Mafex-Silage spraying systems ares used for application of liquid silage support agents directly during chaffing. Atomisers are installed in protective tubing at an appropriate location with an adapter suited to the chopper. The atomiser cannot clog thanks to its special design and installation angle. On John Deere choppers installation by the accelerator, for example, takes place so that plant parts are evenly covered by the droplets as they are...