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  • Flingk

  • Model GS - Single Axle Pulled Bedder

    Model GS - Single Axle Pulled Bedder

    The Flingk GS is a single axle pulled bedder. By means of a floor chain and distribution rollers the bedding is distributed to a conveyor. The conveyor can discharge to the left and to the right. The speed of the floor chain is infinitely adjustable so the quantity of bedding can be precisely determined. This machine has a large capacity and because it has an axle, the axle load on your slatts is low. The bedder can process sawdust, crushed straw,...

  • Cow Comfort

  • Calf-O-Tel - Calf Comfort Hutches

    Calf-O-Tel - Calf Comfort Hutches

    Made from fibreglass these tough, easy to use hutches will become an indispensable part of your calf rearing system.Suitable for calfs from birth, they can be set up, moved and cleaned quickly and simply. The four part fencing is easy to operate and can be done with one hand. The gate is designed to fit on the front of the hutch making it simple for you lift the fence and clear and replace all the bedding for a row of hutches in one go.The hutch...

  • Hoofcount Automated Footbath

    Hoofcount Automated Footbath

    The Hoofcount automated footbath empties, cleans and refills the footbath after a pre set number of cows have passed through. With a full width opening to drain the waste, this automated footbath ensures a clean and effective solution for  your cows to walk through.With a choice of chemical automatically added at the correct dilution rate every time, ensuring an effective foot bath. The hoofcount footbath counts the cows through the...

  • Schrijver - Calf Boxes

    Schrijver - Calf Boxes

    An excellent option for calf management, the boxes come either singly, as a pair or in threes. They are all on easy to move casters and made from a tough durable plastic which is easy to maintain.