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  • Barn Lighting

  • Hagro - Model 250 - Lighting

    Hagro - Model 250 - Lighting

    The Premium 250 light fitting has a stainless steel housing that is designed to withstand an aggressive environment.

  • Hagro - Control Box

    Hagro - Control Box

    The importance of control cabinets is often forgotten. However, an investment in light also means thinking about the control of your lighting.

  • Cow Comfort

  • DP - Sandbed Maker

    DP - Sandbed Maker

    The DP Sand BedMaker is a front mounted raking and levelling device for sand cubicles. Fitted with a hydraulically driven rotating head the BedMaker will aerate and level 300 cubicles in a matter of minutes to produce a perfect sloping bed.

  • Hoofcount Footbaths

    Hoofcount Footbaths

    The Hoofcount automated footbath empties, cleans and refills the footbath after a pre set number of cows have passed through.