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  • Irrigation and Misting Controllers

  • Dramm AutoValve - Irrigation Systems

    Dramm AutoValve - Irrigation Systems

    The Dramm AutoValve is a 9 volt battery operated controller that controls one valve. The AutoValve is available in a 3/4 or 1 valve body. The irrigation AutoValve can operated up to three times per day or on selected days. The misting AutoValve has all of the functions of the irrigation version, but offers a misting program as well. The AutoValves are perfect for temporary situations and for areas where no power is available.

  • MistTime - Misting Controller

    MistTime - Misting Controller

    The Dramm MistTime Controller is perfect for time or temperature based control of misting valves. With the ability to pro- gram each valve independently, the MistTime offers unmatched flexibility. Each valve is operated on a cycle. The timing is variable with the on time operating between 1 and 250 seconds and the interval time operating between 1 and 250 minutes. Each valve can be run continuously, between specific times, or even started when the...

  • PolyRail - Aluminum Extrusion for PE Tubing

  • PolyRail - Model 16mm - Aluminum Extrusion

    PolyRail - Model 16mm - Aluminum Extrusion

    PolyRail aluminum extrusion tightly sleeves PE tubing keeping it rigid, without sags. PolyRail keeps nozzles straight and even, ensuring the best coverage for your irrigation system. Installs easily without glue.

  • Environmental Controls

  • Dramm - Model 350mm AME - Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fan

    Dramm - Model 350mm AME - Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fan

    The Dramm AME Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fans offer efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity. Utilizing an aerodynamic design and a high-efficiency motor, the AME fan is equipped to maximize the air flow potential of any situation. When combined with speed controllers, the AME Fans offer unmatched flexibility in air flow as plants grow and mature. Because of their shrouded, aerodynamic design and high-efficiency motor, Air Movement Efficiency (AME) fans...