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  • Dietrich - Model Series 70 MSD - Auto Reset Slurry Injector

    Dietrich - Model Series 70 MSD - Auto Reset Slurry Injector

    Attaches to 4” x 6” tool bar. Auto reset with 1400# reset force. 1-1/4” x 2” edge bent 5160 Alloy Steel Shank. 22-1/2' heavy duty spring coulter. Cast Steel Chisel Point Sweeps. Wind drop, 3”, 3-1/2', 4' O.D. slurry tubes. Separately replaceable sweeps and tubes.

  • Dietrich - Slurry Clozr

    Dietrich - Slurry Clozr

    Designed to be used continuously as part of the Dietrich Conical Blade Rotary/Sweep Injection System or as desired with the Dietrich AR Slurry Sweep Injector.

  • Dietrich - Rotary Injection System

    Dietrich - Rotary Injection System

    Now it is possible to inject up to 15,000 gallons or more per acre in any soil condition using Rotary Injection for lower gallons per acre and easily convert to Sweep Injection for wet or compacted soil conditions that limit gallons per acre.

  • Sweeps

  • Model 8 - Low Rate Sweep

    Model 8 - Low Rate Sweep

    Shown with standard 3' tube. 8” wing width. Designed for hi speed (5-8 mph) and lower rates (2500-5000 gallon per acre) to meet the E.P.A. Phosphorus Rules.. Lifts the soil less than 1”. Vertical shank portion is ½” thick. The 8” low rate Sweep moves less soil, allowing higher speeds at low rates.

  • Model 8 - Hi Rate Sweep

    Model 8 - Hi Rate Sweep

    Shown with optional 3-1/2' tube and clip (2-1/2' hose fits insde). 8” wing width. Designed for higher rates (5,000 - 10,000 gallon per acre). Lifts the soil 1-1/4”. Vertical portion is 1” thick at the lower rear to create a wider slot to facilitate the filling of the soil cavity created by the wings. The 8” hi rate sweep parts the soil more and creates a larger soil cavity than the 8' low rate sweep to contain the liquid.

  • Wing Drop Tube

    Wing Drop Tube

    Option for Sweep injecting. Fits both 2-1/2' & 3' Hoses. Enhanced plug-free performance.