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  • Firewood Processors

  • DYNA - Model SC-12 - Firewood Processor

    DYNA - Model SC-12 - Firewood Processor

    Using the same heavy-duty construction and design of our larger models, the DYNA SC-12 Firewood Processor is our entry-level firewood processor at an affordable price. The SC-12 has the ability to handle 10’ logs up to 15” in diameter.

  • DYNA - Model SC-14 - Firewood Processor

    DYNA - Model SC-14 - Firewood Processor

    New for 2017: Brakes, Torsion Axles, and Tail Lights included Standard. The DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor is our most popular model, combining reliable, high-output performance with a variety of powerplant and configuration options to meet your specific needs. The SC-14 Firewood Processor is simple to operate, with just three hydraulic joystick controls operating the live deck, infeed trough, log clamp, harvester saw, and splitter; all from a single...

  • DYNA - Model SC-16 - Firewood Processor

    DYNA - Model SC-16 - Firewood Processor

    The DYNA SC-16 Firewood Processor is our flagship model, designed for full-time, high-output production. Our new standard 51 HP CAT diesel engine and 4.5” x 30” hydraulic cylinder will push out up to 4 cords per hour. Rated capacity is 16” diameter logs up to 16’ long, with a maximum diameter of 22”. Still highly portable, the SC-16 Firewood Processor is an industrial grade machine requiring a tow vehicle equipped with an...

  • DYNA - Model FB-10 - Firewood Bundler

    DYNA - Model FB-10 - Firewood Bundler

    DYNA Products Firewood Bundlers quickly wrap 12” to 24” long firewood bundles, a great way to package your small firewood pieces for campgrounds, gas stations, and gourmet markets. Plus, bundling is a great way to get more money for your cut and split firewood. A single cord becomes 128 one cubic foot bundles, and at an average retail price of $5 per firewood bundle, that's $640 per cord before expenses! If you bundled and sold 50 cords...

  • DYNA - Model SC-15 - Firewood Processor

    DYNA - Model SC-15 - Firewood Processor

    New for 2017: 12v Automatic Bar and Chain Oiler included Standard. The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor combines the industrial-size, high-output SC-16 frame and log capacity with our SC-14’s highly reliable and versatile hydraulic componentry and powerplant to bring you an affordable firewood processor built to take on thousands of cords per year.

  • Rustic Furniture Equipment

  • Model SD60 - Pointer/Tenoner Machine

    Model SD60 - Pointer/Tenoner Machine

    The SD60 Super Duty tenon machine is a high-speed, industrial level chucker for the reliable production of spindles from 3-1/2' to 6' diameter. It comes standard with the Dyna Variacut tenon cutter head for tenoning spindles for furniture, fence, railings, etc. Different styles of cutter heads can be installed for pointing and doming posts. A large, self-centering cast iron clamp assembly holds materials securely in place while stock is being power...

  • Model 20-5.5  - Gas Peeler

    Model 20-5.5 - Gas Peeler

    A German-style peeler at an affordable price? YES! This is a simple, compact, easy-to-use post peeler that leaves a beautiful finish with a unique hand peeled look, The post is simply passed alongside a special dished flywheel. The post peeler also has a self-contained blower for stockpiling your shavings. Posts that are peeled with this machine do not require much drying time. This peeler will give you years of quality service.

  • Model KQ600  - Sanding Machine

    Model KQ600 - Sanding Machine

    This is an excellent sanding machine for finishing spindles. Work pieces impress into the two soft, inflatable drums. With this machine your sanding production can increase over 7 times, compare to using palm sanders This is a heavy built machine for long life.

  • Model PS1000  - Heavy-Duty Sander Machine

    Model PS1000 - Heavy-Duty Sander Machine

    Speed your sanding production way up! The PS1000 post sanding machine is heavy duty built with only one motor to run the entire machine. The air tire feed system swiftly and conveniently feeds the post by the vertically positioned sanding belt. Feed speeds can be varied by adjusting the angle of the feed wheel.