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  • MultiSpread Topdressers

  • MultiSpread - Model 220 - Topdresser

    MultiSpread - Model 220 - Topdresser

    The MultiSpread Model 220 is available in two-wheel ground drive or a hydraulic drive version. This topdresser utilizes the 'widespread beater' system and will spread wet or dry materials. The MultiSpread 220 can be pulled with a lawn and garden tractor, ATV, utility cart, compact diesel tractor, small articulated tractors, and zero-turn mowers. The MultiSpread Model 220 topdresser is only 45 inches wide, so it can go through gates and around trees,...

  • MultiSpread - Model 320 - Ground Drive Topdresser

    MultiSpread - Model 320 - Ground Drive Topdresser

    The MultiSpread Model 320 is the largest capacity ground drive topdresser available for the turf market, with a struck level capacity of 27 cubic feet and heaped capacity of 1.25 cubic yards. The Model 320 topdresser is designed for sports turf managers to maintain athletic fields, for schools, universities, and golf courses to spread grass clippings, large estates for lawn care, and synthetic turf installation and maintenance companies. The 320 can...

  • MultiSpread - Model 320 Vineyard Special - Topdresser

    MultiSpread - Model 320 Vineyard Special - Topdresser

    The Earth & Turf Model 320 Vineyard Special topdresser spreader features compact size with 'slimmed down' frame and axle assembly to make it the perfect package for vineyards, orchards and row crops with extremely narrow rows. Measuring only 39 inches in width, the Vineyard Special will fit perfectly between narrow vineyard rows, yet carries 1 cubic yard of topdressing. With optional light material sides, it can carry an impressive 2 cubic yards...

  • TruFlow Topdresser

  • TruFlow - Model 24D - Push-Type Topdresser

    TruFlow - Model 24D - Push-Type Topdresser

    The 24D push-type topdresser was designed for operators who needed to get into tight areas and spread their dry topdressing material. The 24D is a simple design with a four wheel stance. Simply fill the unit and tip it back on the rear 2 wheels to move it without the dispersal drum spreading. When you get to the area you wish to topdress, set the unit down on all 4 wheels and push it. The dispersal drum will now turn and disperse the topdressing...

  • Truflow - Model 36D - Topdresser

    Truflow - Model 36D - Topdresser

    The Truflow Model 36D topdresser was designed for users who need to fit into tighter spaces, but still desire a uniform topdressing of their material. Like all Truflow™ models, the 36D is designed for dry flowable materials with moisture content up to 20 percent. It spreads dry sand, compost, calcined clay, and bagged materials. Uses of the 36D include, but are not limited to, baseball fields, synthetic turf greens and fields, topdressing...

  • TruFlow - Model 54D - Topdresser

    TruFlow - Model 54D - Topdresser

    The TruFlow Model 54D topdresser was designed for jobs that require more capacity and where width is not an issue. The 54' wide hopper will hold approximately 15 cubic feet of material and spread it evenly. It evens spreads crumbled rubber on synthetic turf!