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  • eCow - Bolus Software

    eCow - Bolus Software

    The eCow rumen pH telemetry boluses come in two varieties: the farmBolus, designed for commercial farmers and nutritionists and the eBolus, designed for researchers in ruminant health. The eBolus contains all of the features of the farmBolus, but also has some additional features to specifically aid researchers, such as the ability to re-calibrate the bolus after use. This is not possible in non-fistulated cows as there is no way to retrieve the...

  • eCow - farmBolus Software

    eCow - farmBolus Software

    The eCow farmBolus provides real time pH and temperature data collection inside the rumen of the animal, recording pH and temperature data accurately, every minute for up to 5 months. This data is averaged every 15 minutes to provide 96 readings per day. Stored safely on the bolus, this data can be retrieved wirelessly every time the mobile phone handset is brought within range of the cow. Once the data has been collected by the handset it can be sent...

  • eCow - Rumen Monitoring with farmBolus Software

    eCow - Rumen Monitoring with farmBolus Software

    The health of a dairy cow’s rumen is directly related to the overall health of the cow and therefore the quality and quantity of milk produced. With the growing demand for milk and reducing costs on farms, methods for increasing productivity have included a switch from high fibre diets to high energy diets (cereals and grains). While this method of increasing productivity does provide results, there are substantial downsides associated with the...