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  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Bedder Chopper

    Bedder Chopper

    The House Bedder Chopper prepares a firm seedbed and uniform furrows while forming proper irrigation trenches all in one pass.

  • Bed Conditioner

    Bed Conditioner

    In one pass, create optimal conditions in your planting zone with our ultimate seedbed finishing tool—the House Bed Conditioner. Available in rigid or folding models with chopping reels and rolling baskets, the conditioner disperses residue and aerates soil particles, leaving behind a firm, level seedbed.

  • Bedder Roller

    Bedder Roller

    The House Bedder Roller combines a field drainage system with rollers to form a firm, level seedbed.

  • Double Disc Plow

    Double Disc Plow

    The House Double Disc Plow is a ditcher with a big job—creating optimal conditions for proper drainage in your field all in one pass. Built to last while handling even the highest HP tractors, our heavy-duty ditcher can be used in wet or dry conditions and comes with a stand so you can quickly and easily connect and disconnect.