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  • Andromeda polifolia Macrophylla

    Andromeda polifolia Macrophylla

    A dainty littel shrub reaching up to 15 cms high at the most unless growing through another plant. Evergreen foliage is larger than most of the other species of Andromeda at 2 cms by 1 cm or maybe a little larger. These are deep green and have conspicous sunken veins. Flowers are usually held in dense clusters on this species at the stem tips. Each flower is rounded and about a quarter of an inch wide, although it forms more of a spherical shape with a...

  • Acanthus Whitewater

    Acanthus Whitewater

    A fabulous new introduction from the United States. With the emergence of the new growth in spring the interest starts, large deeply scalloped deep green leaves have variable white variegation to the outer edges. As the plant grows through the summer months, the flower spikes emerge from the centre of the crown. These are lovely creamy white with a strong pink hint to the centre of the spike. New growth in spring can often be white but will colour up a...