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  • Great Plains Ultra-Till - Ultimate Seedbed

    Great Plains Ultra-Till - Ultimate Seedbed

    Ultra-Till by Great Plains is yet another innovative option in a “systems” approach to vertical tillage. It is intended for secondary field operations and one-pass field finishing prior to planting. The Ultra-Till can be compared to a field finisher or cultivator, but with one major difference. Because it’s not equipped with shank-mounted shovels, it will not create yield-robbing horizontal soil density layers. It is these compacted...

  • Redball - Lay-By Hooded Sprayer

    Redball - Lay-By Hooded Sprayer

    The Redball Lay-By Hooded Sprayer limits spray drift while making precise applications. It comes equipped with durable Redball Lay-By hoods available in both narrow and wide sizes as well as Redball Spray Monitors and a durable mainframe for long term reliability.