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  • Bale Unroller

    Bale Unroller

    The Pick & Go Bale Unroller fits front loaders rear linkage of tractors and telescopic handlers. It loads and unrolls round bales (wrapped bales, alfalfa, hay …). The Pick & Go system is composed of 2 parts: the bale fork and the unroller. A gear system composed of two toothed wheels drives the roller belt.

  • Connect Box Controls System

    Connect Box Controls System

    The EMILY Connect box controls the Delta Bale Feeder Spreader and some all Emily attachments: Melodis Mixer Feeder Bucket, Omega and Vega Feeder Buckets, Duo-Mix, Concrete Mixer Buckets…

  • Melodis - Model 100 - Mixer Feeder Bucket

    Melodis - Model 100 - Mixer Feeder Bucket

    A new version of the MELODIS is available “100% CHOPPED GRASS SILAGE” thanks to its spiral mixer made in Hardox (Melodis 100). This new model has been especially designed for mixing and feeding chopped grass silage (maximum 6cm length) for a Total Mixed Ration (maize, grass, dry food) and optimizes the ration incorparating fiber (short straw).

  • Feed Barrier

    Feed Barrier

    The new Emily bedding bucket is specially designed to enable the farmer to bed lying boxes or poultry houses easily and comfortably minimizing dust. The bedding bucket distributes sawdust, wood shavings, chopped straw, sand (specific option : load-limiting device). It is spreading up to 3.00 meters away.

  • Green Area

  • Hydraulic Pressure Washer

    Hydraulic Pressure Washer

    This high pressure cleaner works without a water inlet and without electric connection. It works with the hydraulic of the machinery handler. It fits to rear 3 pt of tractor and on forks pallets.