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  • Endurance - Rotary Log Cranes

    Endurance - Rotary Log Cranes

    The Endurance Log Crane product line is the evolution of over 40 years of research/development, manufacturing, installation and service knowledge gained throughout the industry. Endurance Equipment, LLC utilizes the most reliable mechanical & structural design available today. 125'/155' and 170' radius models are available in gross lift capacities of 20T/25T/45T and 60T. The 155' and 170' versions are offered with a traveling grapple for...

  • Endurance - Horizontal Feed Systems

    Endurance - Horizontal Feed Systems

    Endurance Equipment's proprietary chainbed and cylindrical trough design conveys materials of varying lengths and diameters effectively into Drum Debarkers horizontally. A sloped transition plate at the drum infeed point supports stems and reduces breakage. Superior debarking is achieved by keeping the stems horizontal throughout the debarking process. Because of its low infeed height, it is possible to feed the debarking system with mobile equipment...

  • Endurance - Feed Chutes

    Endurance - Feed Chutes

    Our heavy duty, no-maintenance Chutes are constructed with a 28 degree angle for ease of entry to Drum Debarkers. Tree-length versions are built with a 1.5 inch thick rolled plate slide surface. Width at entry is 15 feet to allow crane grapples to fully open for stem release. A large containment wall protects the drum from damage. Chutes are custom engineered to suit site layouts and drum sizes. Offered in log length or stem length versions.