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  • EPA - Speech Dialler

    EPA - Speech Dialler

    The EPA Speech Dialler is intended for use as an automatic message dialler. The primary use for the dialler is for connection to the existing farm alarm system. The unit will dial up to four telephone numbers with call acknowledgement. The dialler offers one common message (Farm name) and one short alarm message without the need for expensive tapes.

  • EPA - Model FC5AD - Track Feeder Control

    EPA - Model FC5AD - Track Feeder Control

    Traditionally track feeder controls consisted of a twin dial clock, the 24 hour outer dial and a 60 minute inner dial. Although these clocks were the most popular choice unfortunately they are no longer available. Most operators are reluctant to use a digital time clock for track feeder systems due to complication of use and the ability to simply see when the next feed is due. EPA Products Ltd has had a lot of experience with using time clocks for...