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  • Model PF-3003 - Tie stall

    Model PF-3003 - Tie stall

    In a tie stall dairy barn, the tie stall PF-3003 is a dairy cow stall highly appreciated. The flexibility of the tie stall PF-3003 gives a range of choices to customers. Here are several variants of option for tie stalls PF-3003. The height of the dividers, the width of stall, the length of the stall, with head rail including the water line or not, or simply a chain,dairy equipment support, with concrete curb or not, all combinations are...

  • Slant bar feeder

    Slant bar feeder

    Many kind of feed fronts are needed in dairy farm. One of the most popular feed front is the self lock. The self lock section could lock an individual cow or a group of cows. It's a very easy pattern to operate. Our counterweight system ensures a complete opening when the feeder is empty.