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  • Grain Cooling Systems

  • Polycool Plastic Grain Pedestals

    Polycool Plastic Grain Pedestals

    Once your precious grain harvest is in the shed, be it off the dryer or straight out of the field then you will need a grain ventilation system. Crops are a living thing and will continue to respire once in storage. Respiration creates stale air that needs to be moved and replaced with fresh air so that the crop does not heat up and become a breeding ground for insects or harmful storage moulds. Under floor grain ventilation is expensive to install,...

  • Metalcool pedestals

    Metalcool pedestals

    We have now sourced a metal pedestal that we are happy to sell for those of you that require this type of ventilation. The base is louvered so no material has been removed, making the pedestal stronger. There is no need for a filter when used to cool OSR and small seeds. Seeds are less likely to block louvered slots and even air distribution is maintained. Metalcool are available with 250mm or 300mm diameter bases with top pipes to suit your fan size...

  • Grain Ventilation Fans

  • Evolution Grain Ventilation Fans

    Evolution Grain Ventilation Fans

    Our brand new Evolution fan promises to change the way grain is conditioned forever. Featuring a built in differential temperature controller which allows you to set the fan up by turning a dial, it also has a state of the art brushless motor so you can plug it in, walk away and leave it to run on only 30% of the power used by the most popular alternative. Weighs 16kg and has built in carry handles making it much easier to move around the store. Not...