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  • Signature - Model 63XA - Spray

    Signature - Model 63XA - Spray

    High impact corrosion resistant construction with stainless steel metal components. Dome cap design will ensure sand and debris flush away from the riser to provide for longer life. Double lipped wiper seal will help keep debris away from the riser. 1⁄2' (12,7 mm) bottom inlet is standard on all models. All models can be upgraded with an anti-drain valve (ADV) and the new iStop. Standard male thread on the riser.

  • H3025DEF1 - Model Dynablast - Hot Water Pressure Washer

    H3025DEF1 - Model Dynablast - Hot Water Pressure Washer

    Direct Drive Electric  Powered  Fuel Oil Heated is 2500PSI @ 3.0 GPM and features: Baldor 5hp 230v 30 amp 3450 rpm. Interpump Triplex Plunger Pump. 300,000 BTU Burner. Heat Rise 3 gpm @ 155F. 230 Volt Burner. Time Delay Shutdown. Unit Dimensions 42″ x 28″ x 43″. 420 lbs. Assembled in Canada.

  • Hypro - Aluminum Transfer Pumps

    Hypro - Aluminum Transfer Pumps

    Aluminum housing is suitable for applications of flood water removal, lawn and garden watering and pond filling. Powered by field-proven Hypro PowerPro engine. Easily handles high capacity flow rates up to 270 gpm. Available in 2”and 3” models to fit common hose sizes. EPDM mechanical seal and inlet valve for longevity and reliability in dewatering applications. Durable cast iron impeller and diffuser for long life. All models come with a...

  • Hypro - Polypropylene Transfer Pump

    Hypro - Polypropylene Transfer Pump

    The new model 1542P-3SP is a high-powered, self-priming transfer pump powered by a 5.5 HP PowerPro engine. With flow rates of up to 150 gpm and pressures up to 58 psi, this transfer pump delivers solutions for your fluid and chemical transfer needs. The polypropylene pump body makes this product ideal for use in transferring a variety of fluids including corrosive chemicals like Roundup® and Atrazine. Tank filling, floodwater removal, and lawn...