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  • Bale Processors

    Bale Processors

    Bale Ejector: The side door opens sideways, allowing for bale ejection if mold or other unwanted material is discovered in mid process. Patent Pending. Easy maintenance access - no more having to crawl into the machine to make adjustments or remove twine. Hydraulic Slug Bars: Allows the operator to decrease knife exposure as the bale gets processed down to a smaller core, for complete control of discharge volume.

  • Snocrete - Agricultural Snowblowers

    Snocrete - Agricultural Snowblowers

    From dirt, water, and rock-hard snow to cement bricks, the SNOCRETE snowblower has been put to the test. Whatever your snow conditions or applications, SNOCRETE snowblowers are designed to perform.  These tractor PTO driven snowblowers.

  • SuperHaul  - Snow Body Inserts

    SuperHaul - Snow Body Inserts

    You will save money by implementing SuperHaul Snow Body Inserts. If you plan on hauling snow, you can’t afford not to add Fair SuperHaul Snow Body Inserts to your trucks. Trucks equipped with a SuperHaul Insert can haul double or triple times as much snow per load! With minimal risk or investment to your snow removal program, these inserts pay for themselves in no time by greatly reducing man-hours and fuel consumption.