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  • Ambient Potato Box Storage

  • Roof Fan

    Roof Fan

    The Farm Electronics roof fan is designed to provide efficient roof space ventilation and air movement for the minimum installation and running cost.  The long case design increases the directional 'throw' of the air to ensure the maximum effect in roof space.  It is available with single or multi-starter control panels for manual or automatic operation.

  • INTAKE - Insulated Motorised Louvres

    INTAKE - Insulated Motorised Louvres

    Farm Electronics design and manufacture Motorised Louvres for Crop Storage applications. Originally designed in 1983 these louvres have proved ultra reliable and are little altered today apart from improved paint protection. Over 6,500 louvres have been produced and many early examples are still in operation today. Fully insulated on the reverse face (to minimise cold bridging) with brush seal strips on the blade ends and unique individually sprung...

  • Custom Built Control Panels

    Custom Built Control Panels

    Farm Electronics has built fully integrated electrical control panels for over 30years. From the very simple DOL motor starter to Star-Delta, Soft Start or Frequency Speed Inverter we can build the solution. Only high quality control gear and components are used throughout to ensure long term reliability. Currently we use Siemens motor control and Toshiba Inverters as standard. PLC 's can be programmed and incorporated into any of our panels when...

  • Refrigerated Potato Box Storage

  • Fan Heater

    Fan Heater

    The fan heater is built with a broad foot for stability when operating on the floor. Suspension hooks enable the fan to be hung in a position and a convenient carrying handle for easy movement. The fan and heater elements are enclosed in an 18swg galvanised rolled steel casing which is fully guarded. An overheat cutout switch, set at 55 degrees C, gives complete electrical protection to the elements when wired into the heater contactor control...