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  • Cattle Movement Software

    Cattle Movement Software

    Farm solutions cattle tracing software is suitable for any type of cattle orientated farm. It is easily set up to be used by Beef Farms, Dairy Farms, those who trade in beef and store beef and any combination. 

  • Sheep Software Program

    Sheep Software Program

    Farm Solutions sheep software program allows farmers with sheep to easily track the movements and prices of sheep on and off the farm. The program keeps all the necessary records for the authorities whist giving access to excellent management to the farmer.

  • Animal Health Software

    Animal Health Software

    The Farm Solutions vet and med program is a very easy to use addition to the Cattle or Sheep program. It is fully integrated to both and allows for easy tracking of withdrawal periods whilst allowing the farmer to make informed decisions about individual animals from their history profile.

  • Farm Accounting Software

    Farm Accounting Software

    We can provide an easy to use but very clever and in depth program for farming accounts and other businesses. This program is supplied in conjunction with 'Dimples Accounting Made Simple'. The program, like the Farm Solutions programs, is intuitive point and click menu driven software and with its unique onboard video clip help system there is no need for the operator to have any accounting experience whatsoever.

  • Farm Safe

    Farm Safe

    We are now providing our farms with a safe and easy computer backup system on the cloud. We have been in business since 1998 and although we are sure that most farms are aware that computer files should be backed up few do it regularly and and most don't do it at all. Computer do fail, they do get wet in floods or with burst pipes, they do get burned in fires, data does get lost with viruses and computers do get stolen. We have seen it all and tried...