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  • Quad Deck - Pullet Cage System

    Quad Deck - Pullet Cage System

    Almost unchanged for 30 years – the economic Farmer Automatic rearing cage. This battery, equipped with all unique Farmer Automatic features, is an animal-friendly and economical rearing system for layer pullets. Plastic coated, rectangular wire mesh on cage floors allows safe rearing of pullets without the need for additional floor matting in the first day of growing cycle. Feed access slots are adjustable to fit the size of pullets from day...

  • Compost Cat - Convenient Windrow Composting

    Compost Cat - Convenient Windrow Composting

    Windrow composting in high-rise poultry or hog houses is an old process made better with a Compost Cat. The Cat is driven down each row picking up the substrate, mixing and breaking up large particles, and placing it in the same line. This process is essential for composting, fly control, and eliminating chemical costs. By creating clean tall rows of substrate, an efficient composting environment is formulated, containing heat and maximizing...