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  • General Timber Buildings

    General Timber Buildings

    Farmplus General Timber Buildings are available in widths from 5.1 metres to 23.2 metres and in any length in units of 4.6 metres. There are three different construction methods which allows us to offer a huge variation of building sizes to suit almost any application.

  • Cow Kennels Buildings

    Cow Kennels Buildings

    The combination of these design features provides a superior environment for health and welfare.

  • Bespoke Timber Buildings

    Bespoke Timber Buildings

    In addition to our General Timber Buildings, Farmplus have undertaken many bespoke building projects including traditional barns, pack-houses, stables, even a golf driving range. Our General Timber Buildings system is based on a set of pre-defined designs which still allows huge flexibility and enables us to deliver timber buildings which are suitable for the majority applications. By using this system the cost of our buildings is kept to a minimum....