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  • Dairy Industry Ventilation

  • Model TD - Top Down Curtain Systems

    Model TD - Top Down Curtain Systems

    Curtains are permanently fastened at the bottom of the opening and lowered (opened) from the top. In cold weather the initial air enters high on the sidewall to ensure ventilation with minimum draft. This economical single curtain system is often employed for dairy and beef cattle housing. TD curtains are available from 3'-8' heights with a variety of wind protection systems. They are fastened at the bottom, and lower from the top on a...

  • Model RAW - Roll-a-Way Curtain Systems

    Model RAW - Roll-a-Way Curtain Systems

    The RAW curtains have a permanently mounted floating bottom aluminum roller tube. As the curtain lowers from the top down, the excess curtain material continually wraps on the rolling bottom tube, allowing the fabric to stay tight in all positions from fully open to fully closed. RAW curtains are available in sizes from 3'-10' high and offer wind support with nylon cord or pipe. They can be operated manually with a 3 position switch...

  • Swine Industry Ventilation

  • Model VIP - Panel Systems

    Model VIP - Panel Systems

    Faromor VIP Panels are constructed from 1-1/2' polystyrene with white embossed fibreglass skins and capped with PVC channels. These insulated wall panels are used in those applications where heat loss and freezing concerns outweigh the benefits of natural light. Should natural light still be desired these panels can be equipped with fixed thermal insert windows. The VIP Panel operates vertically as a moveable ventilation wall for hog...

  • SolarVu  - Panel Systems

    SolarVu - Panel Systems

    Fabricated from aluminum, these panels are light weight and offer a high quality appearance. The panel tracking system ensures a smooth vertical 'open & close' operation over relatively large uninterrupted openings. Faromor SolarVu Panels come in heights from 24' - 72', and are popular in dairy facilities, especially in parlours, holding areas and calf barns. They can be operated manually or automatically.