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  • Pig Farming

  • Grid Supporting Structures

    Grid Supporting Structures

    Different types of prefabricated structures for agriculture, which are adaptable to the needs of the customer, are used to create grid supporting structures. The grid supporting wall is a self-standing module designed to allow the support of two grids. It is used in pig farming which envisages a vacuum type drainage system.

  • Slotted Flooring for Pigs

    Slotted Flooring for Pigs

    The grids for pig farming are a historical product for our company. We offer grids for pigs of various sizes, both in height and in width, used in relation to the various market studies. From weaning to fattening, our products follow every stage of the pig's growth, also including models for sow gestation.

  • Pigsty Side Walls

    Pigsty Side Walls

    The pigsty side walls are designed for the creation of containment walls for the exterior area of a pigsty. They are modules with a length of 500 cm which are fixed to the slurry collection tank below. The pigsty side walls enable the rapid production of exterior areas in a short time and at low cost. They have been widely used as a buffering element in steel structures, making the pigsty side walls a key element in pig farming equipment.

  • Cattle Farming

  • Grid Supporting Walls for Cattle Farming

    Grid Supporting Walls for Cattle Farming

    We produce concrete grid supporting structures, creating 3 different types of prefabricated structure for cattle which can be adapted according to the needs of the customer. The tank is a prefabricated livestock structure complete with supporting wall and base, which allows a considerable reduction in installation time and only requires the creation of support strips with predefined spacing. The grid supporting wall is a concrete agricultural...

  • Grids for Cattle

    Grids for Cattle

    The grids for cattle are one of the strengths of our company which, over the years, has improved the quality and specifications of the finished product. The grids are produced in accordance with current European standard UNI EN 12737:2008 making them certified according to CE standards. This means that our grids for cattle are subject to stringent controls on the entire production process, from incoming raw materials to the delivery...

  • Ibritek - Flooring for Cattle Sheds

    Ibritek - Flooring for Cattle Sheds

    In the course of 2015, Fattori srl introduced the new “Ibritek” cattle slats, the result of an detailed study on the issues linked to traditional flooring, with the support of available technologies and materials. The new system is composed of properly rough concrete and “rubber” surface inserts that, as well as guaranteeing comfort for the animals, allow an optimum outflow of sewage into the underlying pit.

  • Prefabricated Feeders

    Prefabricated Feeders

    We produce 2 types of prefabricated cattle feeder: flat or closed. These are cementcattle feeders of variable length, supplied with iron plates for anchoring the feeding stalls and/or iron roofs. Their use allows feeding passages to be created quickly with a smooth surface and a formwork base.  It is possible, on request, to apply a non-toxic epoxy resin to protect the feeders from the corrosion of acids they come into contact...

  • Prefabricated Cubicles

    Prefabricated Cubicles

    The concrete cattle cubicleallow quick and easy installation also giving the customer the possibility to move the elements in the case of expansion or modification of the layout. They adapt to any model of stable cross bar making it possible to be anchored to a roof structure. Unlike on site production, the prefabricated cubicles are devoid of sharp edges that could injure the animal: the smooth surface and rounded corners favour the welfare of the...

  • Prefabricated Irrigation

  • Prefabricated Concrete Irrigation Channels

    Prefabricated Concrete Irrigation Channels

    For irrigation and the channelling of water, Fattori boasts a wide range of irrigation channels; concrete channels resting on concrete plinths cast on site, enabling the rapid creation of a channel network. The type of channel used is chosen according to the needs of the farmer and the flow rates of the water that the irrigation channels must hold. We are able to complete orders quickly, using transport services to make...

  • Concrete Silos

  • Prefabricated Concrete Silos

    Prefabricated Concrete Silos

    We produce prefabricated concrete silosof various heights for the production of horizontal storage trenches. They are prefabricated panels for agricultural use of variable height from a minimum of 170 cm up to a maximum of 500 cm. These panels are self-standing modules that require the creation of continuous support strips that are perfectly flat. Their assembly allows the creation of trenches of various shapes and sizes, which can be...