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  • Cattle Farming

  • Cattle Feeders

    Cattle Feeders

    We produce 2 types of prefabricated cattle feeder: flat or closed. These are cement cattle feeders of variable length, supplied with iron plates for anchoring the feeding stalls and/or iron roofs. Their use allows feeding passages to be created quickly with a smooth surface and a formwork base. It is possible, on request, to apply a non-toxic epoxy resin to protect the feeders from the corrosion of acids they come into contact with.

  • Cubicles for Cattle

    Cubicles for Cattle

    We produce different types of quality cattle cubicles: Traditional 'pit' cubicles, to be filled with sand, sawdust or ground straw, available in two lengths and with a rear edge with a height of 27 or 19 cm. Sloping cubicles with the latest generation mattresses. The concrete cattle cubicleallow quick and easy installation also giving the customer the possibility to move the elements in the case of expansion or modification of the...

  • Pig Farming

  • Slotted Flooring for Pigs

    Slotted Flooring for Pigs

    The grids for pig farming are a historical product for our company. We offer grids for pigs of various sizes, both in height and in width, used in relation to the various market studies. From weaning to fattening, our products follow every stage of the pig's growth, also including models for sow gestation. Our pigsty grids are produced according to current regulations such as Directive 2008/120/EC and the recent European standard UNI EN 12737:2008,...

  • Concrete Partitions & Stainless Steel Throughs

    Concrete Partitions & Stainless Steel Throughs

    Upon completion of the pig farming, we produce single piece concrete partitions up to a maximum length of 810 cm and stainless steel troughs. We can produce blind partitions, perforated partitions or partly blind and partly perforated partitions. This equipment for pigs is anchored to the ground, to the wall and fastened together with stainless steel fasteners, in order to ensure perfect stability and withstand the movements of the animals.The...