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  • Agriculture

  • Felton - Seed Metering and Singulation

    Felton - Seed Metering and Singulation

    Felton’s filament assemblies are gentle and accurate, guaranteeing proper placement, depth, and repeatability. Moreover, our subassembly capabilities reduce OEM assembly costs and limit overhead.

  • Felton - Brush Flighting

    Felton - Brush Flighting

    Moving large quantities of seeds using our filament-tipped flighting ensures gentle transport of your delicate seeds.

  • Felton - Chain Oilers

    Felton - Chain Oilers

    Machinery maintenance is a constant job, and chain drive mechanisms are especially prone to continuous wear. Design in a Felton self-oiling assembly to keep your equipment moving and eliminate a maintenance step for customers.

  • Felton - Door and Window Seals

    Felton - Door and Window Seals

    Whether you need to improve operator comfort or keep dust and dirt out of controls, Felton’s bulb assemblies create a tight seal against outside conditions, making enclosures more comfortable.

  • Mass Transit

  • Master Controller Seals

    Master Controller Seals

    Felton’s mass transit products seal out debris and visually hide cavities, helping you to conceal gaps around mechanisms such as shafts, power lift gates, e-brakes, and seat hinges.

  • Floor Track Sweeps

    Floor Track Sweeps

    Felton’s mass transit products close unsightly seat tracks and remove debris from the track, allowing complete freedom of movement.

  • Window Frames

    Window Frames

    Felton custom forms, fabricates, and assembles precision-fit plastic or aluminum extrusions to meet customer specs. For both new OEM and reconditioning applications, our combined fabricated frames and sealing products offer superior weatherproofing.