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  • Fruit Growing

  • Fischer - Model GL4 & GL5 - Mowers

    Fischer - Model GL4 & GL5 - Mowers

    The acclaimed Fischer GL4 & GL5 mowers are designed to provide growers with a comprehensive solution for effective, chemical free weed control. The GL4 & GL5 will provide a seamless cut from inter-row to undervine/tree and save time and valuable resources by reducing tractor passes.

  • Viticulture

  • Fischer - Model HD-T-BV2 - Mower

    Fischer - Model HD-T-BV2 - Mower

    Paired with the expandable deck Fischer BV2 mower, makes the Fischer HD-T-BV another exciting new BV2 variation. Integrating two 400mm or 600mm hydraulically powered swivel-arm cutting discs and keeping them small, offers a sensitive, however affective inter-trunk mowing solution. This mower allows precision mowing using the width adjustable Fischer BV2 and the small disc sizes to mow around trunks and trellis –...