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  • Push-off Trailer

  • Fliegl - Model ADS - Fertilizer Spreader

    Fliegl - Model ADS - Fertilizer Spreader

    The Fliegl push-off manure spreader ADS has almost nothing in common with conventional manure spreaders. Instead of a high maintenance scraper floor on wooden planks that is susceptible to failure, it is equipped with a steel trough from the original Fliegl push-off system, which has been reliably used many times under difficult conditions on the land, in forests and in the building industry. The ADS is efficient, durable, low-maintenance and works...

  • Fliegl - Spreader Mechanism

    Fliegl - Spreader Mechanism

    Fliegl spreader mechanisms spread the most varied of materials onto farmland – on time, precisely and evenly. They guarantee the ideal effect of the fertilizer. This saves time and money, meaning the sub-conttractor does not have to buy as much artificial fertilizer.Fliegl holds environmental protection to be just as important as cultivation measures and economic forces. Fliegl achieves peaks figures for spreading widths of up to 22 metres,...

  • Liquid Manure Technology

  • Fliegl - Disc Cutter Appliance

    Fliegl - Disc Cutter Appliance

    Working widths of 3,00 m, 6,00 m und 8,00 m. All types of cultivated land. Prepared seed beds. Cereal land. Uncultivated stubble. Fields with green manure. Drip stop. Suitable for mounting behind every liquid manure tank. Hydraulic liquid manure auger distribtor.  Completely galvanized.Easy to maintain  Hydraulically collapsible. Adjustable stabilizer wheels.

  • Dumpers

  • Fliegl - Dump Trailer - Bull

    Fliegl - Dump Trailer - Bull

    The dump trailer “BULL” from Fliegl is a real payload giant. With the new “BULL” production series of robust dumper trailers Fliegl fulfills the highest requirements for flexibility, quality, safety, service life and constructive finesse. All dump trailers of the “BULL” production series are equipped with a conical shaped trough that opens out towards the rear, with this even clumpy loads slide out readily making...