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  • Aquaculture

  • Floatex - Fish Farming Cages

    Floatex - Fish Farming Cages

    Floatex produces Fish farming cages since longtime. Floatex can produce cages with circular shape with very big diameters.

  • Shellfish Farming Floats

    Shellfish Farming Floats

    Rotationally moulded polyethylene Floats for shell fish farmings are filled with closed cell expanded polyurethane or sintactic resin depending from waterdepth use. Filling of the floats grants unsinkability of the floats and consequently of the system.

  • Aids to Navigations

  • Floatex - Model PE 800 - Light buoys

    Floatex - Model PE 800 - Light buoys

    The FLOATEX buoy type PE 800 belongs to the ultimate generation of navigational aids. The necessity of lowering as much as possible costly maintenance programs, typical of steel buoys, as well as the need to realize environmental friendly products to avoid negative ecological ambient impact from waste materials coming out on steel buoy regeneration (such as old paint, zinc coating and sandblasting) inspired FLOATEX to develop and realize the PE...