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  • Front Implements

  • Seed Bed Preparation

  • Model Vibromax - Seed Bed Preparation

    Model Vibromax - Seed Bed Preparation

    Specialist of the seed-bed preparation. The Vibromax combines simplicity of use and of maintenance. The new Vibromax manufactured by Franquet reworked vibrocultivators’ standards. Specialist in seed-bed preparation, the Vibromax completes the offer suggested by the other tools of the brand. Combining simplicity of use and maintenance, it’s made for the ploughing in autumn and in spring, preparing a superficial seedbed, (0 to 20 cm).

  • Stubble Cultivation

  • Model II - Top Mulch Cultivator

    Model II - Top Mulch Cultivator

    Specific soil loosener with an aggressive penetration in all kind of soils. Powerful, high level of finishing thanks to the rotoclean. Thanks to the shape of its tines and an important ground clearance under the frame, the TOP MULCH is an excellent superficial cultivator, which will boost the surface, mixing intensively plant debris with the soil. The aggressive coulters allow an easy penetration in any kind of soil with a reasonable need of power....

  • Model Cultigerm - Swiss Army Knife

    Model Cultigerm - Swiss Army Knife

    The Swiss Army Knife of the Franquet product range, ideal for use after straw chopping, modular design, suitable for each and any type of soil. The CULTIGERM very soon becomes an indispensable tool for the cultivation work on your land. Whether it be for repeat ploughing for seedbed preparation, for burying crop residues or even stumbled ploughing after straw chopping, it will be able to rapidly demonstrate its versatility to you. The choice of...