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  • Model O-700 - Flupsy

    Model O-700 - Flupsy

    Upweller consists of an 2.44m x 6.1m, (8' x 20') raft made of pressure-treated lumber, and a fiberglass trough with dimensions of 61cm x 2.44m, (2' x 2' x 8'). Inside the trough is a ½ horsepower, 110 volt, 5 amp pump, which is capable of circulating 800gpm (100gpm per silo). There are also eight 61cm x 61cm x 61cm, (2' x 2' x 2') fiberglass silos with stainless steel hardware and 2 sizes of interchangeable screens (not included, 1.5mm and 2mm...

  • Oysters - Spat Collection

  • Model O-200 - Hat Collectors Unmounted

    Model O-200 - Hat Collectors Unmounted

    Plastic discs 157mm in diameter, with 'necks' which enable stacking of the discs. The necks a above one another to keep spacing for spat to develop. The discs have raised ridges which help the spat adhere to them.

  • Mussels - Spat Collection

  • Model M-100 - Artificial Seaweed

    Model M-100 - Artificial Seaweed

    Consists of polypropylene leaves attached to a center core. Each leaf is constructed like microscopic netting for easy byssal attachment. Avialable in black only.