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  • Model RC7 - TR31 - Trayfilling Machines

    Model RC7 - TR31 - Trayfilling Machines

    A machine for filling plastic and polystyrene containers and pots on flush pot holder. The filling system used here allows for an accurate filling of all types of containers (even with small compartments). Due to the electronic adjustment of the speed of the paddles and vibration, the density of the potting soil in the compartments is adjusted.

  • Model TV1 - Potting Machines

    Model TV1 - Potting Machines

    A Machine suitable for filling pots in the nursery with discharge outlet (single or double) and vibrating surface. Belt forwarding and surface vibration can be adjusted from the control panel. Composed of: Peat loading hopper with discharge outlet. Vibrating surface The electronic control of the vibrating surface makes it possible to pack the potting soil in the pot evenly and quickly.