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  • Horticulture

  • Hydroponics


    Coir is the perfect material for many horticultural applications due to the extremely large surface area ratio of its fibres, delivering incredible absorbency.

  • Briquettes


    Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) 650 gram briquettes are available unwrapped or individually shrink wrapped and palletised.Briquettes are available in 1 grade of Cocopeat (Galuku Coir):

  • Model CP Seris - Bales

    Model CP Seris - Bales

    All Bales are compressed and individually packaged in polythene bags.Bales are available in 4 grades of Cocopeat (Galuku Coir):

  • Hydroponics

  • Coir Substrates

    Coir Substrates

    The delicate balance between moisture and drainage is an ongoing challenge to the hydroponic industry around the world as air is required by the roots of all plants for optimum health.