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  • Fertilizers

    Fertilizer is an effective way to improve plant performance. Proper fertilizing results in stronger, greener, disease- and insect-resistant plants. Garden-Ville fertilizers are derived from natural materials, offering plants a slow release form of the nutrients they need.

  • Garden-Ville - Bat Guano

    Garden-Ville - Bat Guano

    A high nitrogen fertilizer rich in macronutrients, used to improve soil health and activate compost piles.

  • Garden-Ville - Nitro Gem

    Garden-Ville - Nitro Gem

    A slow-release granular fertilizer designed to enrich soils in your landscape and promote lush, green growth.

  • Garden-Ville - Rocket Fuel

    Garden-Ville - Rocket Fuel

    A slow-release fertilizer with a high phosphorous content to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms.

  • Garden-Ville - Sea Tea

    Garden-Ville - Sea Tea

    A liquid fertilizer designed to enhance plant growth, increase blooms, and promote resistance to harmful insects and disease.

  • Garden-Ville - Veggiescape

    Garden-Ville - Veggiescape

    A slow-release granular fertilizer designed to enrich soils in your landscape and promote lush, green growth.

  • Soil Amendments

    Garden-Ville has also created a full line of soil amendments. These products can be used to amend specific soil deficiencies, serve as feedings between fertilizer applications, or improve the effectiveness of fertilizers.

  • Compost

    Compost improves the soil's physical and chemical properties that play an important role in crop production. Spreading compost a half inch deep on a lawn and watering it in during the spring and fall of the year will lessen weeds, troublesome insects and diseases and cut irrigation needs from 30 to 70%. Compost can also balance a soil's pH to a level that will impact metal solubility, plant uptake and movement, plant growth and soil microbes.

  • Garden-Ville - Eco Thrive

    Garden-Ville - Eco Thrive

    A microbe-rich, general purpose compost made from locally sourced food waste from businesses, restaurants and schools.

  • Garden-Ville - Elite Lawn

    Garden-Ville - Elite Lawn

    An aged, nitrogen-rich compost derived from plant material and biosolids which promote plant and soil health.

  • Invigorator Compost

    Invigorator Compost

    An aged, nutrient-rich blend of manure and shredded native plants which promotes soil health.

  • Rejuvenator


    Our premium, microbe-rich blend of high quality compost consisting of foods, plant materials and Texas Greensand.

  • Mulch

    Applying mulch to the garden is beneficial, natural and easy. Mulch should be applied after planting in order to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds and protect roots. We offer several types and colors of shredded wood as well as a unique pecan mulch that helps to repel animals from the garden. We're happy to help you choose which one best fits your needs. Give us a call or stop by!