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  • GrainAir Tubes

    GrainAir Tubes are made of 18 gauge perforated galvanized steel. The Tubes come in telescoping eight foot sections and can be ordered with two (GT200), three (GT300), or four (GT400) sections to accommodate differed sized bins.

  • Gatco - Hopper Bottom Bins

    Gatco - Hopper Bottom Bins

    The GrainAir Tube system is also set up to work well in your hopper bottom bins. The square tubing cross brace runs across the hopper bottom and supports a magnetic base for the GrainAir Tube. This base helps support the GrainAir Tube and roof ring during unload and acts as a shear pin as the last of your grain empties from the hopper, preventing damage to the GrainAir Tube.

  • Gatco - Grain Piles/Sheds

    Gatco - Grain Piles/Sheds

    Using a Free Standing Base, you can use GrainAir Tubes to cool your grain stored in quonsets, sheds, grain rings or grain piles. Simply place the GrainAir Tube where you want it and fill your storage area. The GrainAir Tubes can also be easily removed from the storage area when unloading as you simply unload to the base, tip the Tube and move it to the side.

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  • Gatco - Model Vent-A-Lid - Ventilation Tool for Grain Bins

    Gatco - Model Vent-A-Lid - Ventilation Tool for Grain Bins

    No more opening and closing lids with the weather. The Vent-A-Lid is a specially designed ventilation tool for your grain bins. By installing the Vent-A-Lid on your existing lid, you are creating ventilation at the highest point of your bin, where heat naturally wants to flow. The Vent-A-Lid is designed with a deflector that nearly eliminates snow and birds entering your bin while allowing ventilation at all times.

  • Gatco - Auger Hog

    Gatco - Auger Hog

    The Auger Hog is the adjustable, detachable hopper for your auger. It attaches and detaches in seconds, stays on your auger between bins, and adjusts from 12″ to 28″ in height merely by moving the handle. Due to the Auger Hog’s clever design, it also increases the average augers speed by 20-30%, prevents any product loss to spitting, blowing or overflowing, and cleans out almost completely when finished.