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  • Model PMM/SSL - Skid Ssteer Loaders

    Model PMM/SSL - Skid Ssteer Loaders

    hydraulic gear type motor with variable displacement (52-63 ccm) for high and low flow usage, skid steer loader type quick attachment plate with self leveling device, self cleaning rear roller with integrated skids, anti-projection flaps, adjustable rear hood, structural steel frame with 3 rows of Hardox steel counter knives, hydraulic hoses, possibility to have the rotor equipped with heavy duty hammers or with ''Y'' flails.

  • Model DML/HY - Excavators

    Model DML/HY - Excavators

    variable displacement hydraulic piston motor with relief and anticavitation valve, “double steel cage system” machine shell, double protection hood with mechanical adjustment, belts transmission, double counter blade in Hardox, rotor with tools type D.

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  • PTO Driven Heads Mulchers

  • Model DML/TWIN  - Forestry Mulcher

    Model DML/TWIN - Forestry Mulcher

    Innovative shredder with a new concept fixed blade rotor, designed and built to be attached with low power tractors, suitable for shredding bushes and weeds as well as prunings of fruit trees or vineyards. The reversible attachment, aggressive and compact rotor are the main features of this machine that can be used in two different modes. In standard version as forestry mulcher for mulching and subsequent cleaning of bushes and small trees up to a...

  • Model UML/LOW - Forestry Mulcher

    Model UML/LOW - Forestry Mulcher

    Specifically designed to be used on tractors with the PTO shaft positioned lower down, for an optimal working angle. Its compact footprint and low weight make it suitable for smaller and lower profile tractors. The frame has been made stronger to resist the pressure and force of tracked tractors as well as sharp turns. This avoids potential damage to the frame itself and to components such as bearings and rotor hubs.The UML/LOW model is designed...

  • Model UML/SS  - Forestry Mulcher

    Model UML/SS - Forestry Mulcher

    Forestry mulcher with fixed teeth rotor system and side shift system, expressly designed to work in vineyards, fruit trees, olive trees and orchards and all other applications that require shifting between trees. The strong and robust frame is designed for heavy duty applications.Multiple tooth options available for different applications

  • Model FML/SS  - Forestry Mulcher

    Model FML/SS - Forestry Mulcher

    The side shift system is designed to work in vineyards, orchards and all other applications that require shifting between trees. The frame, designed for heavy duty applications, is extremely robust when compared to other models available on the market.

  • PTO Driven Heads Tillers

  • Model SSL Speed - Forestry Tiller

    Model SSL Speed - Forestry Tiller

    SSL Speed Forestry tiller for tractors between 100 and 220 HP with a max grinding diameter of 30 cm. This forestry tiller is designed to meet the needs of professionals working the soil both on the surface and deeply. It is in fact a dual purpose machine mulcher and forestry tiller: it mulches trees up to 30 cm in diameter and additionally grinds stumpsdown to a depth of 30 cm. The special gear transmission provides the ideal rotor RPM for outstanding...

  • Model SSL - Forestry Tiller

    Model SSL - Forestry Tiller

    SSL Forestry tiller for tractors between 100 and 220 HP with a max grinding diameter of 30 cm.This Heavy Duty tiller is the smallest model in the wide range of FAE forestry tillers for depth soil reclamation. Several working widths are available, and thanks to its low weight and smart design, the model can be used on smaller jobs and in areas with difficult access. The side gear transmission runs the rotor at a lower speed for...

  • Stone Crushers / Forestry Tillers

  • Multitasks - Model SFL - Forestry Mulcher and Stone Crusher

    Multitasks - Model SFL - Forestry Mulcher and Stone Crusher

    SFL Forestry mulcher and stone crusher with mulching diameter and maximum working depth of 15 cm, for tractors between 120 and 160 HP.This unique machine combines the functionality and efficiency of a forestry mulcher with that of a stone crusher. It is designed and built to meet the needs of professional contractors grinding trees and crushing rock up to 15 cm in. diameter with a single machine. The gearbox multiplier system makes it possible...

  • Stump Cutters

  • Model SCH - SCH/GT  - Stump Cutter

    Model SCH - SCH/GT - Stump Cutter

    SCH - SCH/GT Stump cutter with a max working depth of 60 cm for tractors between 130 and 350 HP. The SCH stump cutter is the ideal solution for grinding stumps in harsh conditions in parks, backyards and rights-of-way. Low weight, combined with a belt transmission, results in extreme maneuverability, and makes the unit ideal for smaller jobs. The SCH/GT instead is designed for plantations and stump rows, including eucalyptus, pine trees, Christmas...