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  • Silos

  • Omerastore Silos Assembly

    Omerastore Silos Assembly

    Omerastore silos are built by our experienced installation team. The first step is a stable foundation. The silo is then built from the top down, starting with the top plate ring along with the roof. With a special lifting device, the silo ring is lifted upwards. The glass enameled steel plates are securely screwed together. This is done with a compressed air or electric powered impact driver, to ensure that each screw is tightened to the recommended...

  • Silo Extraction

  • Grass Mill Stands

    Grass Mill Stands

    The grass mill stands out due to its consistent high performance, while meeting the highest standards. With the electronic advance control, it is possible to encourage grass silage which was filled using a forage wagon. The special crawler track with welded stainless steel blades (now also available with Busati blades) provides an even flow of feed.

  • Corn Cutter and CCM Thrower

    Corn Cutter and CCM Thrower

    The special corn mill and CCM mill have a simple, yet effective design. The most important parts, such as the feed screw and screw channel, are made from high-grade stainless steel. When filling your silo with damp corn (CCM), our mills are ideal for use.

  • Silohaake - Silo Containers

    Silohaake - Silo Containers

    The Silohaake empties silo containers in accordance with a worldwide patented high-pressure rinsing process. Due to continuous development, the Silohaake has become one of the most reliable and cost-effective extraction processes. The silo goods are loosened with a liquid cutting jet and then washed out of the silo. Multiple cutting jet devices may be attached to a single metering station. Automatic feed preparation from multiple silos is possible...